Gamgoneishvili Paata, Khikhinashvili Teimuraz, Isaev Roland

Aimed at Success

The main business direction of PATERO Development is investments in development and management of commercial real estate in Moscow, regions of the Russian Federation and Europe. We render a full range of services for successful project realization; develop mixed-use shopping centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, business centers, warehouses and residential real estate. PATERO Development is considered to be a strong member of real estate market due to its business philosophy, professional experience and results.

Strategy of Company Development

  • Business capitalization increase
  • Realization of development projects, which would be attractive from the potential investments point of view
  • An active participation and realization of regional development programs
  • Involving of the regional partners into the construction projects
  • Social significance of the projects and constructive dialogue with state officials
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